Introduction; The Office Athletes Group

As of 1 September, the brands BakkerElkhuizen, ErgoDirect and Office Athletes KnowHow, will operate under one holding company, the Office Athletes Group. The head office is situated in Vught (North Brabant), a second office in Moers, Germany (Nordrhein-Westfalen) and a third office will be opening in Chicago, Illinois (United States) mid-2018.  

“It was a logical step”, explains John van Hooft – CEO Office Athletes Group. “The synergy gains between these three brands across areas such as administration, back-office, purchasing and logistics are evident. They complement each other well. BakkerElkhuizen is an innovator of high-end ergonomic workspace solutions. ErgoDirect is a catalyst for Dutch innovation and the research conducted by Office Athletes KnowHow provides a solid foundation.” 

Mentally and physically fit knowledge workers 

Our solutions provide proven benefits to the mental and physical fitness of knowledge workers. We believe in an organisation-wide preventative approach. Focusing on people & work creates lasting vitality, wellbeing and sustainable employability of employees and employers alike. With the use of our practical and scalable solutions, we enable organisations to perform in the top of their fields - responsibly and sustainably.  

John van Hooft is proud of this milestone. “Both ErgoDirect (national) and BakkerElkhuizen (international) have made a name for themselves within the ergonomics market. The addition of Office Athletes KnowHow as an independent knowledge and research component was a natural step for us.”